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The Brown Bag at Colgate

The Ins and Outs of Experiencing India
(The Chronicle of Higher Education)
I am still trying to reckon with what this means for my location on the insider-outsider spectrum. If there’s any authoritative knowledge I have gained as a result of my time in India, it’s the knowledge that I am in no position to be speaking in the guise of an insider. Yet, I am clearly no longer the same kind of outsider that I was two months ago. I am an outsider who has come close enough to a society to have been swept up in a number of those serendipitous moments of human comity that are almost impossible to anticipate, fabricate, or replicate from a distance. 
An outsider who has come close enough to have actually glimpsed a few grand theories jarred from the pages of their books and thrown into lively relief amid the goings-on in front of me. An outsider who has, on the flip side, come close enough to have been in the midst of some of the religious practices I regularly read and teach about and, in so doing, to have witnessed a few of the ways in which such practices deviated from my expectations–thus pointing to a universe of complexity that calls into question some of the fundamentals of my knowledge and teaching.

Financial Aid Advice for Indian Students From Colgate University 
(New York times India Ink blog)
Currently 7 percent of Colgate’s student body are international, meaning they don’t hold American passports, a percentage which has been increasing steadily during the past few years. Colgate has students from 42 countries, and 14 students from India, making India the fifth-most represented nation on campus (after China, Canada, South Korea and Vietnam). The University actively travels and recruits in India, and recently 10 percent of Colgate’s faculty spent two weeks in India. You can read about their travels here.
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Syracuse Post Standard: 
"Students at Colgate University aren’t the only ones learning lessons about cultural differences.

Twenty-seven professors — 10 percent of the college’s faculty — departed Saturday for a two-week academic expedition to India to add more global perspectives to the university’s core courses. “This is part of our campuswide conversation on how to globalize Colgate,” said Jeffrey Herbst, Colgate president."

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