Tuesday, January 3, 2012

um, where are all the people?

I'm trying to upload new pictures to my photo gallery every day, so keep checking if you want a visual diary of what I am seeing here. (https://picasaweb.google.com/102838864130127911289/ChrisHenkeSIndiaPhotos)

But as you look at what I've posted so far, you might be thinking, "How is it that these Colgate faculty seem to be the only people in India? Aren't there other people there?" The answer is: yes. Like a billion or so.

When I travel, my favorite subjects for photography are architecture and architectural details, flora and fauna, vehicles, and quirky stuff that catches my eye. But I really need to work on taking more picture of people, which tends to be my weak side. I promise to try harder...if you are following this and want to see more people pictures, you should email me (chenke@colgate.edu) and cajole, encourage, threaten, or whatever means you can devise to help me achieve my goal.


  1. Chris, can you bring one or two of those sun-rise pictures straight to the blog? You really did an exquisite job with them!

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  3. yes! pictures of the people in life activities would be a nice addition.

  4. Will you be visiting many villages? Will you be attending the Pongal festival Jan 14th?