The following members of the Colgate faculty are participating in the trip, led by
Padma Kaimal, art and art history, and Eliza Kent, religion.

Constance Harsh, English
Reading Indian Signs

April Baptiste, environmental studies
video, video

Ken Belanger, biology

Rick Braaten, psychology

Catherine Cardelus, biology
Birds, Dung Fires

Alan Cooper, history

Lesleigh Cushing, religion/Jewish studies

Faye Dudden, history

David Dudrick, philosophy

Dan Epstein, political science

Georgia Frank, religion

Maureen Hays-Mitchell, geography

Christopher Henke, sociology/anthropology
my hero, zeroImages from India

Carolyn Hsu, sociology/anthropology
Tourist Economy, Chinese In India

Jacob Klein, philosophy

Elizabeth Marlowe, art and art history
Shadows of HomerIndia in the classroom

David McCabe, philosophy

Navine Murshid, political science
The Tamil Nadu vs The Rajasthan Treatment 

Alice Nakhimovsky
, Russian, Jewish studies

Beth Parks, physics

Barbara Regenspan, educational studies

Jenna Reinbold, religion
Thanks be to SuryaReligion and "Intentional Community"WWKMS? (What Would Karl Marx Say?)

Marilyn Rugg, romance languages

Bruce Rutherford, political science

Daisaku Yamamoto, geography, Asian studies


  1. Where are the economists? BRIC's matter.

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  3. Interested in your view about the relationship with China. It appears that India considers China as much more serious a threat than does China view India.

  4. if you find yourselves near ganeshpuri, south/west of mumbi, i recommend you to the siddha yoga ashram, seat of gurumayi chidivilasanda, the current head of the siddha lineage. happy to make introductions if you want to check it out.

    paul levine
    class of '78

  5. Thanks so much for your comments. Brooke - I've been giving a lot of thought to your question. Every day's newspaper is filled with stories about China, and obliquely, India's rivalry with china. But as carolyn Hsu observed just tonight - the reverse is not true at all in China. One piece of that is that China is now India's #1 trading partner, but C hina's is....the US.