Sunday, January 1, 2012

Chennai - First Thoughts

Chennai in the middle of the night feels like Dhaka: the warmth, the humidity, the scent of pollution mixed with the scent of earth, even the series of billboards that are meant to be welcoming and/or signs of urban development.

There are too many cars on the streets, though, for this hour, which makes me wonder about the traffic we'll face during the day. We are all looking forward to Pondicherry where people speak in French with an Indian accent.

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  1. Dear Professor Murshid,

    Hope you are well by the grace of Allah.

    Please be careful in Chennai because they use way too much of some spice and the food gets disgusting after a while. So don't eat too much dosa.

    Here are the things you should eat:

    a) Look for a Muslim dessert shop. They use unadulterated milk products and real ghee. Their halwas are amazing.

    b) Eat a bread omelet at a roadside stall. They are delicious. For an extra six rupees, you can get a slice of Amul cheese.

    c) YOU MUST VISIT THE SECOND-HAND BOOK STORE. It's a ways from Nugumbakkum and all the stores suck. But there's ONE store tucked away in the back which has an amazing collection. I found five volumes of Churchill's six volume History of the Second World War for 900 rupees. But alas, I did not have 900 rupees.

    d) Go to an ayurvedic spa. Sowkhya in Nugumbakkum is awesome and you can always tell them that we were casual acquaintances but then became good friends. You may have to settle a bill for me.