Sunday, January 1, 2012

Arrived Chennai

Group two (the Abu Dhabi group) has arrived in Chennai. Three excitements on the otherwise easy second flight:

1. Just before take-off, a flight attendant without warning came through and sprayed us all with some chemical. When Cat asked what it was, she was told "don't worry--it is just a toxic gas."

2. Lesleigh's headphones, when connected, let out an awful moaning noise, so that I thought Lesleigh's was whimpering. Otherwise the Etihad Airlines entertainment system was the best I have seen (even if the content wasn't very exciting).

3. As we came into land, clouds of vapor starting pouring into the cabin from the ventilation system: it was clearly vapor rather than smoke, but it was spectacular nonetheless and went on for minutes without a word of explanation from anyone. On my row we took a democratic and measured decision to ignore it and not panic.

We survived. Ah, the glamour of air travel! And now to bed, maybe to sleep, though what time of day or week this is, I am not quite sure.

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