Monday, January 2, 2012

Random first post

...being typed with two fingers and no editing (but a lot of gratitude).

I think what strikes me the most is the contrast between inside and outside, if you define inside as behind walls. It's a distinction between wealth and poverty really, I am bringing it from Russia, where the walls are really walls, and they separate disorder from whatever wealth can buy you. Here too, but the chaos is more intense, and so, on the inside, is the tropical beauty.

This is a photo from a previous post
So there we were this morning at the hotel, being totally colonial, I mean on the side of the colonizers. Flowers of amazing beauty. Frogs and snails. And two or three people out there clipping grass, only silently, so you could climb in a hammock if you felt like it and there was not even a sound to disturb you.

And then there was outside. Chaos! Traffic in a free-for-all, buses, motorcycles, street cows. Also street goats. Also-though this was again something Russia primed me for-pipes. Huge steel pipes obviously intended for construction, only there was no construction, there were just these pipes lying there.

And one more thing, which proves that when you don't know what you're looking at it's good to be with someone who does. I said, "what awful poverty," and Naveen said, "you haven't seen poverty."

Since this is my first try and I missed the class, I don't know how to edit and I don't know whether I am supposed to sign, but at risk of being redundant, this is from Alice.

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