Sunday, January 8, 2012

warning: low memory

Some great recent posts by my colleagues about our time in Amber and Jaipur on Saturday and Sunday. If you want to see some more pictures to illustrate the adventure, look here.

I might have to be a little more judicious in my picture taking, since I'm running out of space on my memory cards and am having trouble finding them here. Bad timing...among the most photogenic sites in the world is on our itinerary for Wednesday morning: the Taj Mahal.


  1. Chris, I'm enjoying these photos tremendously. Hope that you can solve your technical difficulties soon so that they can continue! Rebecca Hewitt
    P.S. If there is anything I can do to help from this end let me know.

  2. Oh no! Download them to your computer to free up some space? Or other peoples' computers/ipads and so on? Sorry if I am stating obvious solutions that all have been thought of already - I'm just sad that you won't have more pictures of the trip
    ! You've done such a great job so far!

  3. no worries, I'll find a way to keep shooting through the end of the trip. Thanks for the nice comments, all. Glad to know that folks are keeping watch.

  4. Are your uploaded pics on picasa of less quality? If they are still the same quality, can you download them later, and delete them off your memory card in the meantime? Then download off picasa when you get back home.

  5. My wife and I have loved your photos, Chris. You'll figure it out! Mortimer and Uriq