Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Morning sights

So this morning Chris Henke & I made a pre-dawn expedition to the seaside to spy out a red ball of fire emerging from the Bay of Bengal. Is it wrong I felt a little like Conrad? Probably, but it was powerful all the same, and we only saw it for five minutes before it ascended further and was obscured by heavy clouds.

A wonderful breezy morning it was. The walk was extended to include a temple visit, but some of my favorite things are just on the streets. The top this morning was certainly the fellow driving the bullock-cart.

I also saw the first evidence I'd noticed of traffic governance.

One of the most interesting sights this morning was all the women outside their front draws redrawing their kolums.

One of the most wonderful things, though, was the flowers for sale outside the temple. Here we see strands of jasmine, so wonderful, with bees buzzing all around them.


  1. can you better explain "drawing their kolums"?

  2. Ah, a kolum is a chalk design, like the one shown in the picture, drawn on the pavement in front of the door, which seem to be washed off and re-drawn every morning, at least there in Pondichery