Sunday, January 1, 2012

Etihad 12 Arrive Hotel Trident

In need of showers (I speak for myself), with which we (I--I mean the "royal we") are well provided, in-room, that is, though this mini lotus-pond was awfully tempting as we checked in! The last part of the flight, all in the dark, provided interesting window-viewing. Very different light-patterns from 35,000 feet than I've seen over America, Russia, Brazil, Europe. Instead of very dark expanses interspersed by very bright concentrations of light, it seemed much more like varying patches of low- and medium-intensity light. I think I've never been to a nation before with as large and densely-settled population in the countryside (dense compared to rural areas in other nations, not to the urban concentrations). And in just a couple of hours I'll get my first glimpse of India in daylight!

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