Sunday, January 1, 2012

Abu Dhabi after 12 hours

I, Dan Epstein, report on behalf of the Etihad Twelve, that we have safely completed the first leg of our trip and are safely ensconced at Costa Coffee in the Abu Dhabi airport. Some of us are getting work done, but few of us are so responsible after the flight. We did have several serious discussion on the plane about orientalism vs occidentalism, issues of agency and subjectivity in interfacing with flight attendants, how many of us on this trip need/will lose our various forms of corrective lenses or their cases before we actually even arrive in India. In general, we seem to be a well-met crowd, but we have yet to really begin serious camaraderie (nobody's yet told a Colgate-equivalent of the Wife of Bath, but it's only a matter of time, assuredly). Her are a few other images of the more and less diligent of us. - Dan

ps - I've yet to find somebody who'll play travel chess with me.

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